Give Your Pets These Holiday Foods — And Avoid These

Give Your Pets These Holiday Foods — And Avoid These

As the holiday season approaches, you have ideas of what your family dinner menu will look like. From family classics handed down over generations to new meals you want to try and make into a new tradition, your dinner menu can feature a wide range of main courses and side dishes you want to make. 

Your loyal furry companion will undoubtedly be running around at your feet trying to catch some scraps; however, not every piece of food you make this holiday season will agree with their stomachs. In some cases, these foods can be toxic. 

So to avoid taking your four-legged friend to the emergency vet, pet owners should know which foods are safe and which ones they should not give out from the table. 

Safe to Share — Sweet Potatoes 

Sweet potatoes aren’t just good for your personal diet; they provide large amounts of benefits to your favorite pet this holiday season. A single sweet potato has proven to be an excellent source of dietary fiber, vitamins B6, C, and beta-carotene. Try sharing some with your pets shaved in chip form — just avoid the added ingredients!

Leave It on the Table — Turkey Bones, Skin, and Gravy

For most families, Thanksgiving means one thing — it’s time for Thanksgiving turkey. This holiday-centric bit of poultry has remained a staple of the holiday for generations. Kids from the past have given their pets a little piece of turkey here or there. However, depending on what they offer, it can be potentially harmful. 

Turkey meat by itself can be a nice little treat for your pets; however, it’s everything else that can potentially lead to trouble. Bones quickly become choking hazards that require immediate medical assistance. If not taken off before you start cooking, most turkey skin will be seasoned with things like butter, sauce, and other spices that can be harmful to your pets. Gravy is usually made with different seasonings and added ingredients that are hazardous to your pet’s health. 

Safe to Share — Green Beans

While green bean casserole is a staple of Thanksgiving dinner, it’s the whole dish that’s safe for your pets — it’s just the green beans. Plain green beans feature a healthy amount of plant fibers, manganese, and vitamins C and K that provide nutritional value to your pets. However, like with sweet potatoes and roasted turkey meat, leave the added ingredients out and opt for the plain variety. 

Leave It on the Table — Chocolate and Most Desserts 

This will not surprise most pet owners, but keep the chocolatey and sweet desserts away from your pets. Whether dog or cat, most pets cannot process chocolate the same we can, and it winds up being increasingly toxic to them. If you want to give your pet something for dessert, plain frozen yogurt can provide them with that well-earned dessert to eat alongside their favorite humans. 

Make Your Holidays One to Remember for You and Your Pets

Your pets are just as much part of the family as anyone else; why should they be left out of the holiday fun? While you can get them appropriately holiday-themed treats, toys, and pet food from Nurture Pet, you can also give them a taste of your holiday meal if treated with care. Be mindful of what you’re giving your pets this holiday season, and avoid the foods that won’t sit well with them!

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