Pet Life Touchdog Hampton Beach Ultra Soft Cotton Blue Dog Hoodie

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The Touchdog Hampton Beach ultra-soft sandblasted hoodie is composed of a blended Poly Cotton outer shell that is sand blast treated for an added softer feel. Front sleeves extend outward and grip onto the frontal legs for added warmth. Ethereal faded wash summer print along the back. Features ribbed turtle neck along the neck area with a dual toned plush hood for winded protection. Bridge pockets along the back with leash slit by the neck area. Machine washable. Available in Multiple Colors and Sizes.

-Designer ethereal beach color fade
-Ultra-plush sand blasted cotton exterior shell hugs the body gently
-Extendable ribbed sleeves to prevent cold air from entering during those colder beach nights
-Usable back interconnecting bridge pockets
-Available in Multiple Colors and Sizes

Sizing Guide: From Back of Neck to Tail area ("In" Inches)
10-12": SMALL
14-16": MEDIUM
18-20": LARGE