PlaySAFE Ice Blocker Anti-Icing Liquid Paw Care for Dogs & Cats

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One Gallon replaces 8 jugs of their pet “friendly” pellets. PlaySAFE’s Ice Blocker’s ingredients have been proven on runways and roadways in the harshest conditions. Applied with a Pump sprayer before snowfall (it is ready to use, no mixing required), one-gallon treats 2000 square feet. As seen in This Old House and Bob, the home care experts unanimously agree that anti-icing is the best way to protect decks, turf, plants, and pets from Winter’s worst. Best of all it’s applied to a dry safe surface before snow falls. While ice melts are applied to an icy slick surface after snow falls.

Why We Love It

  • You may never buy a pelleted ice melt again
  • No pellets to get trapped into paws or toxins to hurt their tummy
  • Each Drop works to -15°F without chloride salts
  • All ingredients are plainly listed unlike pet “friendly” anti-cing pellets

  • Easy to shop, store and use

  • After the snow ends all you need is a shovel to clear steps and sidewalks

  • You can sit inside and listen to the neighbors battle their ice problem

  • You can buy more cute clothes with all the money you save on ice removal

About PlaySAFE

Our mission to make the outdoors safe for pets and their humans. We believe that pet are happiest at play, and that products used where pets play should be made honestly – with only the safest ingredients and always with the pet in mind..


Potassium Acetate, Calcium Magnesium Acetate, Water